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Casa Natal de Aníbal Troilo

In the house where Aníbal Troilo was born, director Pablo Muniz runs plays in complete darkness, with live music, voices, sounds, and other special effects.  The audience is plunged into an unique sensory experience, where sight is lost, but the senses of sound, smell, and taste are awakened and the imagination is set free.  Throughout 2014, Delia acted the role of Malena in the tango dinner show, in which the audience sits down to a special meal prepared to be eaten in complete darkness while Malena pursues her dreams of opening her own milonga. She also played the role of Sea Breeze in A Trip of Pleasure, in which a pirate cruise ship takes the audience on a special trip through the tropics.  In 2016, Theatre in the Dark continues to run an adaptation of The Little Prince...visit for more info. 
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